Welcome to Kelowna Lightroom

Welcome to the World, Seen Through Our Eyes

The Kelowna Lightroom Camera Club is located in Kelowna, BC,  the largest city in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in central British Columbia, just four hours drive inland from Vancouver.  Our four seasons provide a rich source of photographic opportunities.

Club members include beginners and competent experts, who listen, learn, and inspire each other through shared experiences.

In the spring of 2005, the Kelowna Lightroom camera club was formed by a number of local photographers interested in education and training in the new area of digital photography, and the computer programs associated with it.

Continuing education in all facets of photography is the foundation of the camera club today.

Statement of Purpose

  • Aspire to knowledge in the art of photography
  • Challenge and stretch the boundaries of imagination and form
  • Support and mentor by connecting with others

Events and Meetings

At this time we are not holding meetings, however member photo shoots may take place on an ad-hoc basis. Visit our Facebook page for more information.

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