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Tony Roberts

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What I like to photograph: Sports and Nature

What I like about Kelowna Lightroom: They have some interesting Workshops. Also the monthly critique sessions give members an opportunity to have their work rated and critiqued by other members. To me this is the most valuable aspect of the club as it helps members improve their photographs and develop their technique

About me: Lived and worked in Middle East and Asia prior to arriving Canada in 1986. I shoot Canon. I am a pilot, aerobatic competition judge and one of the hosts of the Hangar 49 podcast.

K. Peter Lepold

1010 K Peter Lepold Bio


What I like to photograph: Hot Air Balloons, Landscapes, Flowers, Topics for future postage stamps designs.

What I like about Kelowna Lightroom: Getting together with people who share the same hobbies and learn from each other different techniques on taking pictures.

About me: I have lived in Kelowna for over 25 years. Aside from photography I’ve been collecting postage stamps for most of my life. About 12 years ago I started to design postage stamps and using Canada Post’s picture postage program, Canada Post has printed more than 70 of my designs.

 Penny Smith


What I like to photograph: Architecture, Macro, Nature

What I like about Kelowna Lightroom: The support, enthusiasm, knowledge, and comradeship that comes from a common desire to improve and perfect our photography.

About me: Although I have always been the one to take the family pictures over the years, it’s only since I’ve been involved in the photography club that I feel the artistic satisfaction of capturing subjects in a creative and meaningful way. I feel the balance of the image and I try to let the picture tell a story without words or explanation.

My other hobby of golfing is often challenged when my photographer’s eye sees a fantastic water reflection or a deer in the shadows, and thankfully my small camera I always carry with me fits in my golf bag!

Laura McWilliam



What I like to photograph: Macro (especially floral), landscape, and street scenes

What I like about Kelowna Lightroom: An opportunity to share ideas and learn from like-minded people. The variety of outings, especially those that aren’t in my comfort zone and make me stretch my photographic ability (ie. portraiture)

About me: Only been in Kelowna for 1.5 years, and it’s my home in between all my travels and outdoor adventures. Recent trips include Vietnam, Bhutan, Myanmar, and France. I’m always learning and exploring at home & abroad.

 Karen M. Andrews

Karen the


What I like to photograph: I like to shoot scenery, as well as close-ups of nature and unusual things – like rusty metal, or textured barnwood.

What I like about Kelowna Lightroom: The learning never ends in our club – it’s always “hands-on”! The tutorials, workshops and fieldtrips get us excited to stretch beyond our boundaries and explore….

About me: I have belonged to the Lightroom for many years, and along with my passion for photography and creating digital abstracts, my hobbies include scrapbooking and acrylic painting. The Okanagan has been home for most of my life, and it is a continual source of images waiting to discover!

Dave Currier


What I like to photograph: landscapes, macro, flowers, action, night

What I like about Kelowna Lightroom: training sessions (education) and field trips

About me: I have been a member of KLR since its inception in 2004. My photographic experience stretches back to the 70s.

I shoot a Nikon D80 and have a couple of additional lenses.


Dwayne Sklapsky


What I like to photograph: landscapes/terrain, street photos, my grandkids and kids in general

What I like about Kelowna Lightroom: I have similar interests with other club members, the education sessions with peers, atmosphere is low key and informal.

About me: I have just joined KLR in the fall of ’16. My first ‘exposure’ to photography was in the late 70’s, primarily of my children. Unfortunately I took a bit of a hiatus through the mid 90’s, for about 15 years, and then returned to the fold when I retired about 2011.

I shoot a Nikon D750.